9 mins read

Getting to Know You: Patrick Klepek

If you have spent more than 20 seconds on the Internet, especially lately, it’s hard to overlook the vile things being posted throughout the gaming community. Between harassment, invasion of…..

4 mins read

Can the Music Genre Make a Comeback?

  During the era of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band reigned strong. They influenced a generation of gamers and dominated the party…..

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Microsoft Needs to Focus on Games at E3

It’s no secret that Microsoft has had some trouble competing with Sony’s PlayStation 4 since both consoles came out last year. The struggles began even before launch with a lot…..

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Titanfall Review

Respawn Entertainment’s first game Titanfall has been one of the most hyped up and anticipated video games in recent memory. The online-only first-person shooter game that combines on foot gameplay…..