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GamerCast 71: The Holidays are Over

Welcome to GamerCast, the official gaming podcast of VGU.TV. This week, the holidays are over and we talk about the little news there is. This is  kind of short episode…..

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Gamercast 63: James is a Ghost

This week on the VGU Gamercast, James is missing. We theorize he is dead and possibly haunting us, or just playing Arkham Origins. Josh, Allan, and Adnan try to get…..

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Gamercast 59: It’s Getting Steam-y In Here

Another week, another Gamercast. This week the folks at VGU talk about the Steam Machines, SteamOS, the controller, and why Half Life 3 will never be developed. CAST: Joshua Mobley,…..

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E3 2013 Special: Sony Wrapup

Sony brings their big guns to E3 and recieves standing ovations. We get all fan girl over it and talk about Destiny, customer friendly consoles, and price. Cast: Joshua Mobley,…..

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E3 2013: GamerCast Special Microsoft Wrap Up

Microsoft’s Press conference wraps up and we talk about all the exclusive games announced for the Xbox One. We also discuss whether or not we are planning on buying it……