5 mins read

Watch Dogs Review

When Watch Dogs was first revealed in 2012, I was ecstatic. Ubisoft was creating something truly unique and spectacular; something that would encompass new gameplay mechanics and a dark story…..

7 mins read

Transistor Review

Supergiant Games has followed up their critically acclaimed debut, Bastion, with a game that exceeds the incredibly high bar set by its predecessor. In gameplay and in story, Transistor is one of the…..

3 mins read

The Walking Dead “In Harm’s Way” Review

Season 2 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead has been nothing short of a roller coaster of emotion, character development, and peril around every corner. Putting players into the role of…..

7 mins read

Daylight Review

Zombie Studios have a name that aptly describes its latest entry into the survival horror genre. Nothing in Daylight feels alive. A randomly generated maze is its biggest achievement, but it takes…..

4 mins read

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Review

When Diablo 3 launched early 2012, it was very controversial. The inclusion of the auction house, along with a very linear story didn’t connect with many fans who enjoyed the…..

7 mins read

Pac-Man Museum Review

Namco Bandai continues to celebrate one of its most iconic figures in Pac-Man Museum, a collection of titles that span the legacy of the Pac-Man franchise. Though sporting nine different titles that display…..

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Broken Age: Act One Review

Tim Schafer’s long and storied career in the video games industry began with graphic adventure titles like Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle. Since 1998′s Grim Fandango, Schafer has gone on to found…..

3 mins read

State of Decay PC review

Undead Labs’ State of Decay has been around for a while for Xbox; for a very long while to be honest. Now it has come to the PC, supposedly with…..