6 mins read

NHL 15 Review

Last year when most sports video games were putting out versions for the current generation and the last generation of consoles, EA Sports’ NHL franchise was staying put on the…..

5 mins read

Watch Dogs Review

When Watch Dogs was first revealed in 2012, I was ecstatic. Ubisoft was creating something truly unique and spectacular; something that would encompass new gameplay mechanics and a dark story…..

7 mins read

Transistor Review

Supergiant Games has followed up their critically acclaimed debut, Bastion, with a game that exceeds the incredibly high bar set by its predecessor. In gameplay and in story, Transistor is one of the…..

7 mins read

Daylight Review

Zombie Studios have a name that aptly describes its latest entry into the survival horror genre. Nothing in Daylight feels alive. A randomly generated maze is its biggest achievement, but it takes…..

9 mins read

Infamous: Second Son Review

As the first big exclusive for Sony’s Playstation 4 since launch in November, Infamous: Second Son and its development studio, Sucker Punch, have an unenviable position in two regards. First, this is the…..

3 mins read

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

  It’s time to squeeze into your sneaking suit and load your tranquilizer gun, because a new Metal Gear Solid game is upon us. Matt Mobley’s got the scoop on…..