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Persona Q Released In Japan

This week marked the Japanese release of Dungeon Crawler’s JRPG game, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Shin Megami Tensei developer, Atlus, have been celebrating their 25th anniversary with a…..

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Kirby: Triple Deluxe Review

Despite the title character’s ability, Kirby: Triple Deluxe does not suck at all (pun intended). Developer HAL Laboratory has crafted a really fun platformer for the 3DS that truly utilizes…..

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Nintendo 2DS Review

The Nintendo 2DS is a pleasant but secret surprise. Its announcement was met with criticism due to the form factor and had since been largely ignored. Its removal of the…..

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The Wii U Needs to Take Notes From the 3DS

When it comes to handhelds, nobody can argue that Nintendo is a juggernaut.  Each iteration consistently sells well and the lifetime sales numbers back it up. Its consoles, on the…..

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Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS) – Review

Oh, Fire Emblem, you had me at high fantasy square grid turn based RPG tactics. Ever since 2003, when the series finally crossed the vast expanse of the pacific ocean to reach our not-so-humble North American shores, I’ve been hooked. I have played every single localized title in the Fire Emblem series to completion, so when I state that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’ latest effort, Fire Emblem: Awakening is the absolute pinnacle of the tactics franchise, I heed you to listen closely.