4 mins read

Battlefield: Hardline Beta Impressions

After the debacle that was Battlefield 4, Visceral Games has been given the keys to the Battlefield franchise and is attempting to do something new to invigorate a franchise that is at the…..

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Pixel Power 16: Watch Dogs Impressions

Josh an Adnan talk about their first impressions of Watch Dog. Originally this episode was recorded by josh and Chris Cortes, but due to audio problems, it was lost. The…..

7 mins read

Transistor Review

Supergiant Games has followed up their critically acclaimed debut, Bastion, with a game that exceeds the incredibly high bar set by its predecessor. In gameplay and in story, Transistor is one of the…..

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Daylight Review

Zombie Studios have a name that aptly describes its latest entry into the survival horror genre. Nothing in Daylight feels alive. A randomly generated maze is its biggest achievement, but it takes…..

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The Whispered World Special Edition Announced

Daedalics well received point and click adventure The Whispered World (Metacritic: 70) is getting a Special Edition release according to a recent press release, due to release on May 6th. See the…..

9 mins read

Infamous: Second Son Review

As the first big exclusive for Sony’s Playstation 4 since launch in November, Infamous: Second Son and its development studio, Sucker Punch, have an unenviable position in two regards. First, this is the…..