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Battlefield: Hardline Beta Impressions

After the debacle that was Battlefield 4, Visceral Games has been given the keys to the Battlefield franchise and is attempting to do something new to invigorate a franchise that is at the…..

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E3 2014: PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 Leaked

A Sequel to Sony’s mascot brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal, has been leaked ahead of E3. The new game is titled PlayStation All-Stars Round 2, and will apparently be available…..

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South Park: Stick of Truth Review

They’re the men behind South Park, BASEketball, Orgasmo, and most recently, The Book of Mormon. Just when you thought there was an area Trey Parker and Matt Stone WOULDN’T cover,…..

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Pac-Man Museum Review

Namco Bandai continues to celebrate one of its most iconic figures in Pac-Man Museum, a collection of titles that span the legacy of the Pac-Man franchise. Though sporting nine different titles that display…..

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Thief Preview

It’s been many years since a Thief game was released. Instead of developing a sequel, Eidos Montreal decided to reboot the series. While the game is much different from the…..

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Unity Announces Playstation Vita Development

Slightly under a year ago, Unity announced a partnership with Sony to help developers using their engine to easily be able to support their current and upcoming consoles. This program…..