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Hannibal Season 2 Trailer Revealed

The official trailer for season 2 of NBC’s Hannibal has finally arrived.  After the promo for season 2 was teased earlier this week, the official trailer has been revealed today……

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New Mario Kart 8 Trailer

The Mario Kart franchise is set to return next year on the Wii U with a new trailer revealed for Mario Kart 8. The trailer featured new drivers, including Baby…..

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Indie Watch – Contagion

Let’s be honest here for a sec; most indie games are mediocre at best and will most likely stay that way. Off course there is the gems, but unless it…..

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Arma 3: Beta SITREP I

Bohemia Interactive has just released a new community made video sitrep (“situation report” for all you civilians) for the recent move from alpha to beta of their game Arma 3……

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First Look: Routine

What has been the one thing lacking in recent horror games? Well, according to Lunar Software, it’s the moon. Being thrown into the skin of an unnamed protagonist inside a…..

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Company of Heroes 2 Released Today

After a long run in semi-open beta, Relics anticipated RTS game Company of Heroes 2 has finally been released on steam and other online and retail channels. Focusing on the…..