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Pixel Power 16: Watch Dogs Impressions

Josh an Adnan talk about their first impressions of Watch Dog. Originally this episode was recorded by josh and Chris Cortes, but due to audio problems, it was lost. The…..

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Watch Dogs Review

When Watch Dogs was first revealed in 2012, I was ecstatic. Ubisoft was creating something truly unique and spectacular; something that would encompass new gameplay mechanics and a dark story…..

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

2014 is going to be a big year for games with the next gen consoles having their first full year to show off what they can do. From console exclusives…..

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PlayStation 4 Launch Day Titles Confirmed

Gamescom featured a slew of new titles making their way to Sony devices solidifying a better idea of what the launch lineup will be come November 15th (US/Canada) and November…..

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Xbox One Launch Lineup Announced

Gamescom is finally here and Microsoft has been busy with announcements for their conference. The full list of Xbox One games to launch with the console has been confirmed by Microsoft. The following games…..